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Say hello to the easiest way to save money on your home loan. Set personalised Home Loan Interest Rate Alerts. When your ideal rate is reached, we’ll automatically negotiate with your bank to match it. If they don’t, choose to stay or switch in just minutes.

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3.4 years

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58 minutes

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My home loan is my biggest debt. I can finally set and forget it with peace of mind, knowing Open is always actively looking for ways to save me money.

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At Open, we’re all about keeping things, well, open! We believe transparency isn’t just nice—it’s crucial. Especially when it comes to big decisions that could impact your life.

We’re stepping up for people like you, challenging old ways, and reshaping the rules to make sure everything we do is all about what’s best for you.

We’re shaking things up, making the journey to find, get, and stay with your best loan a breeze. Quick, simple, and transparent – that’s us.

And hey, even when you’re not watching or when life gets busy, we’re still working and got your back behind the scenes.

Want to know more about what drives us? Check out our mission here.

Open has been approved by the ACCC due to our most secure enviroment. Your information is securely saved through big secure providers Microsoft and Amazon AWS.

This information is safely kept and can be deleted at any time as requested by you. Our providers regularly conduct audits to ensure their systems are the most secure.

To learn more about our privacy policy, click here.

Most of your information in the application process (example income, debts, expenses) is gathered from something called ‘Open Banking’. This was created by the Treasury and Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Open Banking was made to give you the steering wheel for your banking data. It’s all about you – you get to pick who sees your data, it makes swapping banks a breeze, and it gets banks hustling to offer you the best deals.

Think of it like a data-sharing system. It’s a way for your bank to securely share your financial info with approved providers (like us), but only if you say it’s okay.

We only access your information for the day (no ongoing monitoring), grab the information we need (e.g. income, debts), cannot make any changes on your accounts or access any passwords.

More information about Open Banking here.

Finding your best deal is a piece of cake for us. Find your best loan digitally in a flash (answer few questions and will find best loan fit), or apply online and we’ll help you find the perfect fit.

Applying online is a breeze – it takes just minutes, not hours. After you apply, our savvy mortgage brokers will take a peek at your chosen product to ensure it’s the right one for you. They’ll also let you know what documents you’ll need to upload – and don’t worry, it’s all super secure.

Once you’ve made the switch, you can opt in to our Open App. Tell us what matters to you, and the App will regularly hunt for better deals that tick your boxes. If your current bank can’t match it, it’s your call whether to switch or stay put.

With our app, the savings never stop. It works regularly, so you can keep saving as much and as long as you want. Doesn’t affect your credit score.

Just to clear things out, we don’t charge you any fees for using our services. We make our money from commissions paid by the banks, not you.

We get two types of commissions: an ‘upfront’ one that’s a one-time payment when your loan settles, typically a small percentage of your loan amount, and a ‘trail’ commission that’s a small yearly fee we receive for as long as your loan is active.

Our service involves active loan management, which means we’re always on the lookout for better deals for you.

When we find a good one and it suits you, we switch your loan. This process has some costs for us, for processing the switch, but we’ve streamlined our work to cut these expenses. So, we switch your loan without any extra charges to you.

We ensure you can switch your loan whenever it benefits you, without any extra charges.

Traditional brokers have brick and mortar, spend thousands to acquire new clients and are mostly offline with manual processes.

Because of Open’s tech and how we’re organized, we’re able to bring our overhead costs down to pass on the savings to you.

Instead of going to extremes – either making loads of profit or none at all – we’re okay with making a bit less, especially when it means we can bring you, our customers, significant value.

You know how good friends always look out for each other’s best interests? That’s exactly what ‘Best Interest Duty’ means for us mortgage brokers in Australia.

By law, we’ve got to put your needs first. We can’t just recommend a loan because it earns us a bigger commission. No, we need to hunt down the best loan that fits your circumstances, your goals, and your wallet. So, you can relax knowing we’re legally bound to find the best deal for you!

You can either contact us via our webchat option or email us at


Instantly find the best loan in 30 seconds from 35+ banks, includes predicted negotiated rates

apply in 7 minutes

Open buys you time with fastest refinance application ever

stay on your best loan

We regularly shop around for you and tell you when to stay or switch, only if it’s worth it

built by experts

Ex-bankers on a mission to open up every possibility for you

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